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I wonder if moonsheen and I were the only people who felt like the chapter 166 kid!Allen TOTALLY fit in with our previous interpretations of the character. Because now I kinda feel like I need to explain why this totally works for me.

This essay contains spoilers for the entire series up to the most recent chapters and speculation on future events.

This is why I love Allen Walker, and why you should love him too.

Character stats (The Stuff In the Manga Itself LOL)

The funny thing about Allen is, to describe his appearance is to describe his backstory. Actually, everything about Allen except his first name is part of his story.

Name: Allen Walker. First name origin is unknown, but he adopted his last name from his adopted father, Mana. From recent chapters it appears that Allen met Mana when he was between 7 and 10 years old, while working for the same circus Mana worked for. He has no onscreen parents, a common affliction for shonen main characters. According to Allen, they abandoned him at an early age, presumably because of his deformed left arm.

Birthday: December 25th. Age: about 15. Because Allen was abandoned by his parents, Allen doesn't know precisely how old he is - he can only give an estimate, and he consistently does (in the manga when he meets Lavi and is asked his age, he answers 'about 15'. Ignore ViZ's translation because it is WRONG.) We don't know how, exactly, Allen got his 'birthday', but since that's the day that (presumably) Mana left the circus Allen worked for, that's possibly the day Allen left with Mana.

Hair: White. Technically, it's soft brown, but it got turned prematurely white by the trauma of Mana being turned into an AKUMA and attacking him. Mana died when Allen was 12; Allen, mourning him, was tricked into bringing Mana 'back' by the Earl of Millennium. The Earl downloaded Mana's soul to an AKUMA skeleton, which then sought to embody itself in Allen, but Allen's deformed arm, actually Innocence, a weapon that destroys AKUMA, defended Allen on its own. Thanks to the Innocence, Allen's life was saved.

Specials: Scar in the shape of an upside-down pentacle over his left eye on his forehead. Deformed left arm with a cross etched into the back of it. The scar over Allen's left eye was put there by AKUMA-Mana, while he was cursing Allen and attacking him. Allen's eye thereafter became infected by the AKUMA. As a result Allen can see the chained souls that have been downloaded into the AKUMA. Since the beginning of the series his curse has undergone one evolution, which allows him to percieve AKUMA not within his normal range of vision and allows others around him to also see AKUMA souls.

Allen's left arm is actually composed of a substance called Innocence, which is the only weapon that can destroy the Earl of Millennium's weapons (AKUMA). His particular 'type' of Innocence is Parasitic, which means it's attached to his body as opposed to shaped into a weapon. He was born with it attached to him. Since the beginning of the series his Innocence has undergone several evolutions in times of need:

Ver. 1. A large extendable armored hand.
Ver. 1.5. A projectile weapon that doubles as a light saber sword (don't ask).
Ver. 2. Crown Clown (Alpha), his Innocence transforms into a full-body armor and a clawed hand, with nifty bonuses such as Clown Belt and other dorkily-named attacks.
Ver. 3. Crown Clown (Omega), his entire left arm transforms into a buster sword that can selectively cut its target.

A Brief History
Allen was born in England and abandoned by his parents. Sometime between the ages of 7 and 10 he was adopted by (probably) Mana, who took Allen under his wing to the point that Allen considers Mana his 'father'. He apparently lived a traveling life amongst circus folk up until the time Mana died (Allen was around 12 years old). After the ordeal with the Earl, Allen was taken in by General Marion Cross of the Black Order, a secret organization under the Vatican dedicated to defeating the Earl. Cross put Allen through his paces, teaching Allen how to use his Innocence (and in exchange saddling Allen with his sizable debts) before sending him off to the Black Order to officially become an Exorcist. This is where the story picks up in volume one.

A Contradictory Character

Allen Walker's personality is a little ... odd. To attempt to sum him up in a sentence, Allen Walker is a street-smart wannabe gentleman.

Allen talks almost exclusively in keigo, which is the polite sort of Japanese one learns in Japanese 101 - he ends his sentences with 'desu' (the polite form of 'da') and the polite forms of other verbs, refers to himself as 'boku' (as opposed to the more arrogant 'ore'), etc. Keigo is actually a rather distant way of talking, the appropriate way to converse with strangers, but Allen uses this form with everyone - friends and even 'enemies' such as Kanda. Rinali makes a big deal out of his digression into casual speech recently in the manga and Allen immediately reverts to full polite speech, which suggests that it's important to him to use that form. There are multiple possible reasons for this - a desire to keep everyone at arm's length, or even just wanting to project a particular image - but the fact that Allen 'falters' in polite speech suggests it does not come as naturally to him as one might initially think.

Allen initially comes across as a 'nice guy' because he is polite and projects an innocent personality. He is willing to give people the benefit of the doubt, as shown by his willingness to reconcile with Kanda after their immediate misunderstanding (although when Kanda rejects this he proves he can hold a grudge just like anyone else). He is not afraid to ask questions when he doesn't understand something, nor is he afraid to show emotions such as anger or irritation. When it comes to people like Kanda Allen returns fire for fire, and Allen snipes at Lavi with jabs such as 'he's a child'. Still, Allen generally is congenial.

Allen can also modify his behavior significantly to conform to the situation. He seems to read people relatively quickly; witness his ability to say just the right thing to Miranda to boost her confidence in the Rewinding Town Arc, and the fact that he can push Kanda's buttons without even trying. His behavior doesn't initially come across as a mask, whether it is one or not; Allen is very much a performer.

However, it is undeniable that Allen hides parts of himself, or rather, he doesn't open himself up like a book. It's not until several volumes pass that Allen reveals he's secretly an insane card shark, able to cheat with the best of them, to help pay off General Cross' debts. (To him it's a fair fight; after all, his opponents are cheating too.) His inherited debt is one of the few things that can reveal Allen's 'scary' side, setting him off and causing him to show no mercy, and the subject of Cross himself sets off many unpleasant memories for Allen, which he is only loathe to share in detail (badmouthing Cross doesn't bother Allen at all).

Although Allen is ultimately a merciful character. Gifted - or cursed - with the ability to see the souls of AKUMA, Allen is the only person on earth who can see the suffering of these souls that were roped from heaven and chained to earth, forced to become killing machines (quite literally!). For Allen, despite all the people that these AKUMA might kill, they are ultimately pitiable beings. He destroys the AKUMA not only to save human lives, but also to free the suffering souls within from continued corruption. I believe Allen actually comes to the realization that he 'loves' AKUMA as much as he loves humanity around the same time he obtains the 'true' form of his Innocence, the Crown Clown. Allen indeed does his Exorcist duties out of love for the AKUMA as much as for his love for human life; for him, it is not just 'protection' that motivates him. It is also 'redemption'.

Remember waaaaay back in like volume 3, when Rhode made that AKUMA self-destruct and Allen tried to stop it, even though it would have cost him his life? Yeah. Allen Walker Died For Your Sins, and he is not sorry.

In the vein of ultimate forgiveness, Allen seeks to even redeem the souls of the Noah, who have done the ultimate sellout (from Allen's point of view) and joined the Earl, despite the fact they are human. He is disgusted and horrified by their choices, but he doesn't actually hate the Noah themselves. Even when Ticky Mikk goes out of his way to alienate Allen, Allen pulls a Sailor Moon and in the moment of need creates a weapon that will only cut the evil out of Ticky, solely to avoid killing Ticky. Allen would rather forgive than dole out punishments.

For Allen, there is nowhere to go but forward. His adoptive father Mana told him to 'keep walking forward' and Allen does exactly that - he reflects fondly on (or gets sick over) the past, but he looks only to the future and takes his path step by step. In volume 2 Allen states that it's hard for him to see the big picture - he can only react to that which is in front of him and follow his heart, and througout the manga he acts on this premise.

Allen: Orphan Boy

I do love shonen heroes. There is something so deliciously tragic about being orphaned, a pitiful note that just makes characters more palatable. Allen, too, is orphaned, although perhaps not in the traditional way - he is probably an abandoned child. Before you go jumping all over the parents (OMG WHAT BASTARDS THEY IS), remember that Allen was born in the mid-1880's in England: the Industrial Revolution is in full swing and superstition is still going strong. The rift between the poor and the rich is the size of the Atlantic Ocean. Now, Allen was born looking as if his left arm belonged to a burn victim, probably to a poor family, and it's unlikely he was the first child. He might have been the tenth-! He looks cursed, he looks like a burden that an already overburdened family can't take. It might have been less cruel to leave Allen on the church doorstep and hope for the best.

What happened to Allen between his abandonment and the (I'm guessing from appearances in ch. 166) age of 7 or so is, so far, left to the imagination. For starters I will assume that he was taken in somewhere, be it a church or an orphanage. If he was abandoned at such a young age that he doesn't remember his parents, but knows he was abandoned (he says as much at one point), it's doubtful he could have survived on his own very long and he must have had someone around who could tell him of his ignimonious beginnings.

Compulsory education laws of the time would demand that Allen was attending school from the age of five, but those laws wouldn't have been standing for more than ten to twelve years and the by-laws of enforcement would either have just been instigated or still be a few years away from creation. If Allen was not going to school, Allen would likely have been gainfully employed in some kind of assembly line, as child labor was still common. We don't know the extent to which Allen's hand handicapped him - the anime seems to indicate quite a lot, and the manga is silent on the subject - but he may not have been capable of fine motor skills. For whatever reason, Allen ends up living the old cliche and 'runs away' to join the circus.

Street-Rat to Exorcist
a psuedo-pychoanalysis

The Allen we meet in chapter 166 is the apparent polar opposite of the Allen we've met in the manga. Current!Allen is polite to the point of painful; past!Allen speaks crudely. Current!Allen smiles and seems to look on the bright side of things; past!Allen is pragmatic and has a cynical outlook. I could go on. The point is, many people were surprised to find young!Allen is 'like Kanda' (according to many people), and didn't expect it. I was surprised myself, but mostly by the presented timeline (I assumed Mana raised him from a baby). This shuffles around some of my guesses about the gradual development of Allen's current character, but overall it fits. Almost too well.

To restate from earlier in this essay, Allen was abandoned by his parents before he knew them and not adopted by Mana until he was no younger than 7 or so. In this time, Allen has had time to develop a very acerbic personality. Young!Allen is determined to be 'strong' and survive on his own and hates being babied or otherwise treated like a child. However, he can't hide that he has a gentle personality that is easily hurt, crying over the death of a dog that he barely knew just because it showed him a kindness likely never afforded by humans (it licked his burned hand as if the hand were normal).

Yeah, this totally follows. In fact, I'll go so far as to say that the current Allen Walker is just this one with his edges sanded down and a veneer of the gentleman added. In Allen's most formative years he was virtually on his own, and that has effected him into his teenage years.

I was thinking back on the manga and rereading certain portions when I realized that Allen has never, ever shared anything of any real substance with anyone (with the exception of Cross, whom we'll get to later). Allen has told Rinali that he wanted to be a street performer and she has seen him at some of his worst moments with Rhode. Under duress he expressed to Lavi how much Lavi's friendship means to him. Allen has told Kanda that he can't percieve the big picture, only what's in front of him. All of these things are pieces of himself, absolutely, but Allen has only revealed these parts of himself under stress. On his own, without extenuating circumstances, Allen keeps his problems very much to himself. May I argue this is the younger Allen peeking out? By keeping his problems private, Allen serves dual purposes:

1. Allen makes himself look stronger. Sure, Rinali and Lavi especially are aware that Allen suffers from a lot of issues for a variety of reasons, but by not ever showing that he's having trouble dealing with these issues, he makes himself a pillar of strength in the eyes of others. Especially Rinali.

2. Allen protects himself. That sounds odd, but for Allen, who had no parental figure for several of his formative years, he feels that he has no one to rely on but himself. Or better to say, he doesn't dare rely on people who aren't definitely stronger than himself.

The only person Allen confides in is Cross (by proxy, Lavi, but that's because Lavi is recording things as a Bookman). Allen expresses his doubts and fears to Cross immediately when Cross shares his concerns over the 14th and Mana. Again this falls in line with young Allen. Young Allen clearly grew to trust Mana and love him deeply; current!Allen idolizes Mana. Mana was strong and helped Allen when he was down. But when Mana dies Cross replaces that role to some degree. Allen clearly doesn't see Cross as a father figure, but he knows exactly how strong Cross is, and he has never seen Cross express doubt or fear; for Allen, Cross is the new 'strong' person in his life, and thus the only person 'safe' to confess to. Cross won't break under the strain of Allen's angst; Allen isn't so sure about Rinali or Lavi or anyone else.

Allen is a street-smart punk. I initially thought that this came into fruition when Cross got hold of Allen, but now it seems like he merely took a part of Allen that already existed and exacerbated it by throwing Allen to the metaphorical dogs and standing back to watch. Cross' efforts (or lack thereof) honed Allen into a weapon.

Mana, on the other hand, nurtured the part of Allen that cared. Allen likes this part of himself better than the street-smart part because it was Mana that encouraged it. Therefore that part of Allen grew to be the greater part - the sentimental part that cries about dead dogs and AKUMA and wants to forgive all your sins.

It was a fic I read recently (I'm sorry, I can't recall its name) where the POV character (Timcampi) says that Allen always thinks of the worst thing first, but he'll voice the best thing instead. I think this is the best example of Allen's self-protective duality than anything else I've ever seen.

In conclusion, I think that the chapter 166 version of Allen is totally believable, maybe even makes Allen a more decipherable character than before. Although I still don't know for sure where he learned manners. I guess we'll just have to see. XD;;

aaaaaaand that about covers it. Man it feels good to get that off my chest.

Have some random thoughts:

In England traveling circuses were quite popular previous to the advent of moving pictures. It is in one such circus that Allen is employed as an odd jobs boy. While there he is apparently physically abused at least once (ch. 166). Allen also meets a clown who has a dog. Allen becomes attached to the dog (who licks his deformed hand), and is so upset he cries when it's killed.

side trip: speculation on chapters 166-167
Who is the clown? Most signs point to Mana, but it's possibly the 14th. We know Mana and the 14th were brothers and Allen never refers to the clown by name, nor does the clown name himself.

When was Allen imprinted with the 14th's memories? It's impossible to know for sure. Possibilities include:

Allen was imprinted before he met Mana. This puts a new spin on Allen being taken in by Mana. However, one does wonder how Mana didn't recognize him, since it appears that Allen had to be someone 'nearby' when the 14th did the imprinting.

Allen was imprinted when he met Mana. This goes with my crack theory 'The dog had something to do with the 14th!' My current theory is that the dog was friendly only with Mana and the 14th, so the fact it was friendly with Allen was a sign to Mana, or possibly the imprinting itself. If the clown is actually the 14th, this might be the imprinting going on now.

Allen was imprinted after he met Mana. This evokes some pretty screwed-up ideas. Perhaps Mana took Allen in specifically to provide a person for imprinting upon. Or he allowed Allen to be imprinted on in a moment of desperation.

Cross says Mana kinda 'lost it' when the 14th died. Crazy!Mana certainly makes for a different take on things, huh ...? I mean, Allen looks like one of the brothers on that one page, so maybe Mana just liked to fantasize that Allen was the 14th? WHO KNOWS. Creeeeeepy clowns is creepy.

With thanks to moonsheen and yoiyami especially for bantering with me about Allen at great length.


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Jul. 30th, 2008 02:08 pm (UTC)
That was a great in-depth analysis. It helped me reconcile Allen's current personality with Little Allen's personality in the recent chapter, which really threw me off. Now that you mention it, it makes more sense that an abandoned street kid wouldn't be all sweetness and light from the get-go. "Street-smart wannabe gentleman" is a good summary of his character. XD

Also, nice title. Because Allen is such a Christ figure.
Jul. 30th, 2008 03:35 pm (UTC)
I'm glad I could help you with the reconcilement of young and current Allen; for me it was a fascinating development and I really enjoyed it. And that's the whole point: Allen isn't *really* sweetness and light, not then and not now. He gives off that impression. He is, purposely, a 'fluffy' guy. (Surely you trust that smiling face on the other side of the table that has five aces up his sleeve.) But internally he is much more pessimistic and perceptive than he appears.

XD;; credits for the title go to moonsheen, who likes to tell me this every time we talk about Allen. IT'S TOTALLY TRUE.
Jul. 30th, 2008 02:49 pm (UTC)
This is great character meta. I was excited about what was revealed about young!Allen's personality in the recent chapters because it makes Allen that much more interesting (a heroic 100% polite knight in shining armour from the moment of birth? No!) - and it makes sense, as abandoned children in that day and age weren't exactly coddled. Your point about Allen never really revealing anything about himself during the series is something I hadn't thought about, but it is true and it makes a lot of sense in context.

I reckon Mana must have taught Allen his manners. Mana was polite in all of the scenes he showed up in, right? Allen - even though he said he didn't like clowns at first - must have picked up liking clowns in no time after he started going around with Mana, so it's likely that he picked up things such as manners from him too.
Jul. 30th, 2008 03:39 pm (UTC)
I didn't get into it in the post (which I'm sorry for), but the fact that Allen's faith in Mana's love for him has been shaken will probably only make Allen withdraw more. He feels unlovable and the one truly reliable person in his life is no longer so reliable, even in memoriam. I feel horrible for him.

I like to think that Allen learned his manners from Mana as well. It's unclear, though, and Mana was a traveling clown, so how much manners he displays is unclear. Still, I like to believe that Mana made Allen say 'please' and 'thank you' and forced his Cockney accent into something a little more high-brow. XD;;;
Jul. 30th, 2008 04:03 pm (UTC)
I feel really sorry for Allen too. :( Poor kid. For some reason, what with him not being naturally all sweetness and light, I feel more sorry for him than I otherwise would. I'm sure that Mana did love him apart from the Fourteenth's memories, but it's not as if Allen can break the fourth wall and follow the narrative to see that.

My guess is that Mana had extra-good manners, or was at least capable of them. In the flashback of Mana and the Fourteenth where they're kids it looks as if they're pretty well taken care of and might be expected to have decent manners. ...Of course, if it wasn't Mana I have no guess as to who it might be, since it certainly wasn't Cross (...did Allen pick up his perfect manners from Cross's rich patrons, then? Heh.).
Jul. 30th, 2008 11:17 pm (UTC)
I WANT MORE MANA BACKSTORY! waaah. ;___; But yes, I tend to imagine Mana (and the 14th!) as gentlemen who became clowns and/or travelers in order to escape the Earl, so they probably knew manners and thus Mana was able to teach Allen.

Allen becomes a more sympathetic character when you make him more human, and the fact that he has faults and things he struggles with makes him more lovable. ♥ I was honestly relieved by the revelation that Allen is a normal human who has had all these things foisted on him (imprinting, the curse, the Innocence) rather than someone 'destined' for blahblahblah. Destiny is more tragic when it's not really destiny but rather circumstance.
Jul. 30th, 2008 09:25 pm (UTC)
Excellent analysis of Allen. I have to say, his complicated-ness is what makes him easily my favourite shonen hero. (One of my favourite characters at all, even.)

"Who is the clown? Most signs point to Mana, but it's possibly the 14th. We know Mana and the 14th were brothers and Allen never refers to the clown by name, nor does the clown name himself."

I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed this. (Also notice that when Allen is telling Cross he's never played a piano before in ch. 132, he also says "Well, I guess there was that one time with the clown, but..." which struck me as odd even before we learned all the business with the 14th. Since when does Allen call Mana "the clown"?

(BTW, love "Street-smart wannabe gentleman". So perfect.)
Jul. 30th, 2008 11:12 pm (UTC)
Yeah, after I finished this I was re-reading the manga and noticed that line from Allen. It really makes me wonder if the clown is actually the 14th! Also considering that Hoshino-sensei has quite a lot of range for drawing characters and Mana (although we haven't officially seen his face) doesn't really look like the clown Allen is chillin' with right now, I'm really wondering.

So perhaps Allen met the 14th and thereafter met Mana. I'm DESPERATELY CURIOUS and I wish we'd hurry up and get some answers!
Jul. 31st, 2008 02:32 am (UTC)
Seconding that DESPERATE CURIOSITY. I get the feeling there's something (I don't know what...a secret? A twist? Someone isn't who we think?) going on with the Mana/The 14th/Cross/The Earl group that will surprise everyone eventually and I'm just dying to know what it is.
Jul. 31st, 2008 02:00 am (UTC)
Wow, this was awesome. I don't usually read character essays, but I fully enjoyed yours. I didn't even pick up on the fact that the clown wasn't named in chapter 166. Thanks!
Jul. 31st, 2008 06:33 am (UTC)
Ohh~ good job! a very in-depth analysis :)

I'm being weird, I'm sorry, But there is one thing bugging me...
As a result Allen can see the chained souls that have been downloaded into the AKUMA. Since the beginning of the series his curse has undergone one evolution, which allows him to percieve AKUMA not within his normal range of vision and allows others around him to also see AKUMA souls.

When the curse evolved, I think it was only that one time when Lavi was with him that it allowed someone other than Allen to see the soul of the akuma......or I'm interpreting something wrong...
Jul. 31st, 2008 03:40 pm (UTC)
To me, this wasn't so much about 'reconciling littl!Allen with current!Allen', because, though surprising, it made complete sense to me that he'd be like this. But, it was really good in terms of understanding Allen in general. I have a hard time with Allen precisely because of his dual nature. He's a fairly complex character, and I love that, but he's harder for me to pin down because sometimes he hides what he's thinking, and other times he sticks fiercely by it to other people. Awesome meta here, <3
Aug. 2nd, 2008 10:31 am (UTC)
excellent thesis presented..glad to see someone else agreeing with my theory that the clown was the 14th and the after imprnting as well..the fact he could'nt cry drives the point further that he could be the 14th..
Aug. 9th, 2008 04:56 am (UTC)
Actually, about Allen's first name... a friend and I were talking a while ago and she brought up that chapter. She pointed out that neither Allen nor the clown gave their name, so the thought was at the time, he still didnt have a name. At the same time, the clown thought "so you were a friend of Allen's?" which lead us to the conclusion.... Allen's was named after the dog!

on a side note: the most likely meaning of Allen is taken from "Alun" which meant "alone" and the name's direct meaning can be "harmony", "handsome", or can be taken as a type of tool, such as the "Allen Wrench" and the "Allen Screw" (he's supposedly a tool of God...).... Hoshino gave him the absolutely perfect name.... *nerd*
Aug. 11th, 2008 02:15 am (UTC)
This was the most in-depth character analysis on Allen I have read so far. It really helped me understand the way Allen acts, as well as his reasons why. And the various opinions got a kick out of me. xDD

And basically, I agree whole-heartedly to everything the first comment said. :]
Aug. 11th, 2008 02:59 am (UTC)
Well, you are absolutely correct.
Your suspicions are pretty accurate and have a relatively large percentage of being true; you're a good observer and thinker.
It's wonderful how you're able to analyze such characteristics of our favourite white-haired exorcist. Awesome.
I'm looking forward to the future manga chapters as I am sure you are, and we shall see whether your guesses and speculations are correct.
I wish you all the luck that they are.
That would probably make you a super genius, considering this essay here already makes you a genius, so I guess a few levels higher would be 'super genius'.
If you have a fanfiction.net account, join the AllenxLenalee forum; it's a fun place to be.
If you want to reply to this you can find me on FF.Net as Fei Jia Astaline Iceflakes.
See ya around!
Aug. 12th, 2008 09:15 pm (UTC)

I really liked this, and I particularly liked your point about Cross. It does seem likely that Allen's only ever TRUSTED two people in his life--Mana and Cross. He loves the exorcists, he generally doesn't like to see people getting hurt--but he doesn't trust anyone to be strong enough, as you say. Not strong enough to depend on them.

It's interesting that he trusts Cross. He tells Anita that Cross wouldn't die easily, and that's the only time he's ever shown having faith in another person's ability to take care of himself.

The way he most likely sees it, a lot of what happened with Mana was his fault. And given...recent chapters...I can see him feeling the same way about Cross. Besides which, he now has no one at all to depend on.

Hoshino is evil. EVIL.

I'm going to have to go off and brood over all of this now. Hmm.

By the way, I think the Timcampy POV fic is probably mine (Moving Forward), unless someone wrote something near-identical. :)
Sep. 7th, 2008 12:09 am (UTC)
This is, word for word, what I thought of Allen's personality.
Mar. 18th, 2009 09:54 am (UTC)
that was really great and I just noticed that even though it was a reread I havent commented yet and I will do it now^^

allen is by far my favourite character in d.grayman, and one of my favourites in general. even though he fits the typical shounenhero in some of the outlined ways there is just so many individual great things about him that you can't help going over and shake the secrets out of him, literally

if found your views very interesting and you have shown those in your fics as well (who are till hoshino tells me otherwise my personal canon for allen with mana (as is metiskets "sand castle")) and i just generally love to talk about it, because nobody i know has read d.gray-man and Im kind of missing the love in the fandom in general ^_^, there is just not enough discussion around, even though there is so much interesting going on in that manga.

because of that, and I'm sure you have some very interesting to say, i would love if you could tell me your opinion about two things:
one, did anybody else notice that all parasitic users that we have met and know how they got their innocence (krowley, timothy etc) got it through being bitten/inserting in their body. that allen is the only one (if i havent missed anything) who was actually born with it. and if it is something significant how come nobody commented on it yet? ignorance?
two: what do you think of the new timothy-arc? because i personally see some (few) parallels with allen (age, parasitc, orphan, brat but good at heart etc.) also what do you think that innocence does with the soul of the akuma? because from where i was standing it looked like it was eating it

ehm and now i wrote a unnessacaryly long comment again...sorry+_+
Dec. 20th, 2009 03:20 am (UTC)
It's a wonder Allen's parents were able to afford giving him enough clothes that he didn't freeze out on the streets before Mana found him.
Dec. 20th, 2009 03:32 am (UTC)
Well, if Allen had the deformed arm from birth (which, from my understanding, he did), then he was probably dumped by his family as a newborn. Then, based off 166 (where we meet the Clown that may or may not be Mana), Allen was without significant parental support until at least the age of 7 or 8. That's a big gap of time!

This being the 1880's (which I cannot stress enough, very weird time for England with the industrial age and all), if Allen came from a poor family and had older siblings, they wouldn't have wasted the resources on him. That sounds really callous, but frankly? If they were poor enough, and Allen is looking like dead weight, it would probably have been kinder to turn him over to the charity of the church. From there Allen would probably have made it into a church-based orphanage. Not sure how he got from there to the circus, but I have fic that covers that angle, if you're interested. /self-pimp orz
Dec. 20th, 2009 03:38 am (UTC)
And during that time, millions of other children as young as Allen were easily taken from their homes or kidnapped then forced into child labor, as you previously mentioned.

That didn't seem to happen to little Allen if he did make it into an orphanage. Yes, please, I'd like to see it. xD
Dec. 20th, 2009 03:52 am (UTC)
This is my personal canon for young Allen Walker. =D The entire first chapter of the first link is pretty much speculation, so don't think it's anything but what's going on in my head. ^^;;
Dec. 20th, 2009 03:55 am (UTC)
If Hoshino doesn't wanna fill in the blanks, that's what her loyal faithful fans are for. =P
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