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Welcome to my Journal

Castiel - BAMFwalk
HULLO, and welcome to Vikki's Livejournal!

Things you should know about my journal:Collapse )

AS OF 12/15/09: This post is tagged with the most commonly-used tags on my livejournal. Hope this helps you find the stuff you're looking for!

Aand that about covers it!


Fanfiction Sticky Post

Castiel - BAMFwalk
Eljay Fanfic Index - listed by series in alphabetical order
What IS listed: fic longer than 100 words
What is NOT listed: drabbles, commentfic

All the cool kids are doing it!
I do not vouch for the quality of this fic.
NSFW fic is clearly labeled.

ANIME/MANGA/VIDEO GAMES - Blood+, CCS, D.Gray-man, Death Note, DC/MK, ES21, FMA, FF9, KHR, Naruto, Tsubasa:RC, xXxHolic, Yuugioh!, and othersCollapse )

Might add metas at a later date.
Castiel - BAMFwalk
It's been a really good run here on LJ. It depressed me a little to look back at my first page of entries and realize that from the first post to the last on the first page alone took me all the way back to March.

March! Dude, I used to post like 3-4 times a day here.

As you all know the changes to LJ are ugly as balls. Having not been personally affected by some of the more bullshit things LJ has done - such as privacy issues, etc - I've not really taken any offensive action. But lately I've been spending my LJ time in kinkmemes and RP reading (not participating, lol, I am so fail at that), and the changes to the reply system, not to mention the minimalistic stylizing and excessive white space and other things that stupidly get on my pecs, I'm shifting officially to Dreamwidth.

This journal is queued for import now, and everyone who has an LJ that I follow is open-ID imported. however, if you haven't completely abandoned LJ yet:


I won't be cross-posting, mostly because I'm too lazy.

Thanks to everyone for all the fun times! And I can't say I'll be abandoning LJ entirely, because goodness knows I always come back when I say GOODBYE FOREVER~

So yep - cool, guys

also, when I post there:
sorry for all the Homestuck.
i can explain!
sooooooooo i have this vague memory of having a livejournal, and then I found it again! Crazy.

Guys this website gives me such headaches. Headaches like you wouldn't believe.

Anyway, the point is! I'm not abandoning LJ, at least not inasmuch as to abandon it more than I already have. I just have nothing interesting to say, about anything at all! It's kind of depressing. Or it would be if I didn't have this awesome roommate moonsheen who I can basically ramble to about all my derpy ideas and whatnot foreverrrr, and now that I do it aloud there is less urge to do it here. >___>;;

a) I am now in the Homestuck fandom, for at least the next 5 seconds, possibly longer. KARKAT YOU ARE MY BABYYYYY
b) because I no longer have anything interesting to say, I will reblog the interesting things other people say!


LJ is an infinitely more fic-friendly place, and furthermore has a tagging system that actually means something, so I will totally be here still. But. Homestuck is on tumblr and devart (SHUDDER) and so, what the heck.


[meme] KIDFIC


Name a couple and moonsheen or I will either write a drabble about their kid(s) or tell you, possibly in great detail, about their home life, the circumstances of their birth, and possibly how they were conceived.

watanuki - omgyay
MOST anime licensing companies have the following plan:

1) License new series!
2) Get pre-empted by fansubbers for a year.
3) Release in US after your target audience has seen it
4) ???

VIZ Media's new budget plan is as follows:

1) License Tiger&Bunny!
2) Obtain rights to script
3) Subtitle the episodes immediately
4) Release on Hulu the same day episode comes out in Japan

Because some genius executive at VIZ must have said, "Dude, we PAY PEOPLE TO TRANSLATE THINGS. Why the hell do we release months after unpaid fansubbers?"

This is what FUNimation attempted with the FMA:Brotherhood release, but considering that subbed eps come out 24 hours after airing in Japan, 1 week later was just not fast enough.

And while we're on the subject of genius usage of resources! Over at Sunrise there must have been this awesome conversation:

Hajime Yadate: So I want to make a show about heroes that are in a TV show. Like NASCAR racers! So they have logos all over their uniforms.
Executive A: I LOVE THIS IDEA.
Executive B: What if we put real company logos on the heroes and sold sponsorships to real companies?
Executive A & Yadate: O_______O
Executive A & Yadate: GENIUS
Executive B: I see raises in my future

Because as soon as I saw the opening to this series all I could think was, OMG, this is going to have the highest quality animation ever. EVER. Because it's actually properly sponsored and the heroes are sponsoring the products IN THE SERIES ITSELF. Also, digital animation.

SUNRISE'S OTHER GENIUS PLAN: Make the main character a 30-something year old guy with a kid and a shounen hero complex. Because I gotta say: when your primary audience is now in their late 20's and early 30's, YOU GOTTA AGE UP YOUR HEROES.

Also, Barnaby for the younger crowd.


I love this show.

[AB] i heard i was a pony

cosplay - reno, dorkface
Anime Boston was the most relaxing convention I've been to in three years. Took it slow, hung with friends, met up with cupcakes and OMG IT'S LADY AVA and some crazy person who spent years cutting out hearts for her giant dress and some photographer chick for and a Persona 4 nerd. I also saw some Homestuck trolls. And a familiar guy in a pink shirt.


thedreamerworld is awesome. As are moonsheen, yoiyami, and Arovet. FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC, GAIS.

highlights and ... wait there were no horrorsCollapse )

In short, good times were had by all! I think. Also, FRIENDSHIP IS MAAAAAAAAGIIIIIIIIIIC. The End.

[cosplay] rarity

Castiel - BAMFwalk
95% complete. Needs something to soften it.

10 years of LJ

Watanuki - WHAT
And as LJ is threatening to crash or be shut down by the evil overlord Russia, I suddenly find that my LJ is


Happy birthday, my LJ!
Fun fact: I've had the same lj name since getting this journal.
Fun fact 2: I got this journal 4 months before they instigated LJ invite codes.
Fun fact 3: I left LJ for a while because around the time they started LJ invite codes the servers were terrible and would eat posts, lol.
Fun fact 4: I came back to LJ for FMA. Oh, FMA. It's been 6 years already? WHAT IS THIS.

Anyway, in celebration:

10 years of LJ: first lines of posts on April 20th (or as close as I could get)Collapse )

Wow. This is like a 'my life in fandom' post. Hah!

[anime boston] no, seriously, I'm going

castiel is here on srs bzns
anyone else going to AB?

I'll be rolling around on my terrifyingly animal-themed series of cosplays, by which I mean:

Zidane (Monkey)(FF9) - Friday evening
Akita (Dog)(Cry Havoc!) - Saturday AM
Rarity (Horse)(MLP:Friendship is Magic) - Saturday PM/Sunday morning

I will also, along with moonsheen, be hosting three panels!

Crossdressing for Girls (lady_ava, if you feel like rolling in and being FABULOUS, please do!) - exactly what it sounds like. - Friday 7:30PM, Panel Room 107 (just outside the Dealer's room)
I <3 the 90's - this is moonsheen's brainchild. Just being nostalgic for the good old days when anime was, y'know, GOOD. - Friday 8:30PM, Panel Room 306 (a big room, apparently!)
10 Tips for Cosplay Beginners - in which I pretty much bitch at people to BE CAREFUL WEARING CONTACTS and DON'T WEAR SHINY FABRIC. - Saturday 10:00AM Panel Room 206 (bumfuck nowhere, back of the con, too early to have attendees, LOL)


Anime Boston!

cosplay - reno, dorkface
Finally close enough to go to AB! and now, COSPLAY.

Pretty, pretty ponies. This is Rarity's wig!

Rarity is two piles of fabric right now. Going from that to completion will be an ADVENTURE =DDDD


and now for your regulard LJ Angst post

I'm a terrible friend. When I think about all the people I never or only occasionally talk to because of schedule conflicts or any variety of things, I feel like a terrible person. Urgh. (newsflash: i am a terrible person lololol)
i can explain!
This is NOT an April Fools joke. I thought about it and thought about it and I can't come up with anything funny for April Fool's, so, yeah, no jokes from me. As usual.

So I'm going to talk about moonsheen.

She's my roommate. She is also awesome incarnate. Don't let her lie to you. She's great to live with because she's friendly and easygoing and fun. I have never met another individual more creative.

So now for my completely unbiased review of her work.

The best things about moonsheen's work are her world-building and characters. Even in her short stories you can tell there is so much more to the world - and the characters - than you are being told. She doesn't write exposition; she naturally expands the world through internal monologue, dialogue, and description. Her stories will always contain a colorful cast in a colorful world, and she doesn't need illustrations to give you a clear picture of everything around your reading experience.

Sfeer Theory - collaborating with long-time partner halcyonjazz, this comic is just a gem. The main character has an incredible, distinctive voice - not just because of his accent but his body language and clear personality expressed by his inner monologue. I love the duality of what he thinks of himself and others and how he actually acts around others. Intelligent, underrated, and vibrant, it's beautifully illustrated and beautifully written. The story is just getting into gear now. I look forward to seeing what happens next every week!

Alby and the Manticore - written for imaginarybeasts. I love this story. I love this story so much I did a podcast of it. It's brilliant and interesting and fun. The main character has so much heart, and the supporting cast is full of life. Again, everyone has a distinctive voice; the world-building is incredible, and done so subtly that you'll hardly know it. Modeled off the tale of the Mouse and the Lion, this is the tale of Alby discovering himself through an incident so incredible you really have to read the story.

Naomi and the Dream Eater - for the upcoming 'dreams' issue of imaginarybeasts, Moonsheen has imagined a world with familiars where the main character has a Baku - a dream-eater - for a familiar. What I particularly enjoy about this story is the sense of history between the characters, how we explore the characters further through their dreams, and the exciting climax.

Daniele and the Lion - there's a naming trend here, I realize. XD;; Written for the Shosetsu Bang*Bang, this is about Italians who touch each other (in the words of halcyonjazz. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I haven't read it. Obviously something to rectify when I get home from work!

Cry Havoc - I don't know when you'll be able to read this, but when you do, it'll be on the shelf of your local bookstore. No, seriously. Follow this link to see the artwork halcyonjazz has done from Moonsheen's inspiration (you might have to friend the comm to see them).

Cry Havoc is a foray into scifi (well, space opera), with telepathic characters fighting space wars. Once again there's a beautifully imagined world in place here. Intense battle scenes pepper the heart of the tale, which is a boy in the army who has lost his sister, the best friend he doesn't want to have, and the ten or so members of the supporting cast which are all deeply explored, well-characterized fellow teammates. And in the backdrop is an incredible conspiracy that you won't expect ...

In short, read Moonsheen's works. You won't regret it. Seriously, awesomest awesome to ever awesome.

And she's my roommate. (Hah hah! >p)

[movie review] regarding Sucker Punch

inception - paradox
I feel like I should do a whole review of it, but it was like ... Charlie"s Angels meets Inception meets Kill Bill meets anime/fantasy/zombies/cyberpunk meets horror. [spoiler free]Collapse )

Okay, so I did have a lot to say about it. But more importantly:

I wanna dress up as this chick.

In other news

i can explain!
For those of you living in the NYC area, this is hysterical:
Due to signal problems, Qboro Plaza has qualified as Guinness Books' largest human pyramid.

The MTA has hired Julie Taymor to make standing on the platform more dangerous.

All trains have given up timely service for Lent. Commuters are asked to be patient and atone for their sins.

I could read this crap all day. Unfortunately, sometimes I even have work to do.

Obviously haven't been around much ...

Castiel - BAMFwalk
Sorry guys, still alive. Still adjusting to having a 9 to 5 type job. Praying for Japan. Writing a little.

I'll be back around sometime. :)

[cosplay] Cry Havoc

cosplay - reno, dorkface
IF YOU AREN'T READING THIS, YOU SHOULD BE. This is a story my roommate moonsheen is writing! And she is an awesome writer. And the arteest of this, halcyonjazz, is also amazing!

PS together, they fight crime write Sfeer Theory!

Anyway, yoiyami has convinced me that we need to cosplay Akita (the main character) and Shiba (his older sister) together. Since Akita is pretty much perpetually sleep-deprived, I decided to do a makeup test for him. Crap lighting was crap so all my pictures came out either way too dark or washed out, though, so whatever. There was an attempt?

Also, Akita is the kind of derp who takes pictures of himself.

makeup test picCollapse )

Codename: Sailor V!

So does anybody actually remember this series? (I blame beckerbell I'm thinking about this at all)

Once upon a time, in a land before the Internet - boring HISTORY OF VIKKI"S ANIME DORKERY whatnotCollapse )

Anyway, the point is Sailor Venus is my favorite senshi and at some point I realized that Sailor Venus had once been SAILOR V, SENSHI OF LOVE AND JUSTICE, and I knew there was a manga for it, but I couldn't find it. I've at one point owned one of the volumes, but I've subsequently lost it or my mom threw it away or something. It was never officially brought to the US, or translated to English. But I knew, someday, the internet would have scanlations of this lost series, and it has not failed me!

For those not in the know, Codename: Sailor V was Sailor Moon before the anime was contracted. It's three volumes long and it's kind of the Magic Kaito to Sailor Moon's Detective Conan, except the events all take place before SM starts. It's about Venus before she was Sailor V and her extremely Usagi-esque adventures as the lone Sailor Senshi before the others woke up to their destiny.

I give you Codename: Sailor V - the prequel to Sailor Moon!

And in truth, all of THIS is sidestory to the real point of this post, which is: Sailor V totally had a Luna Pen (only it was called something else, I don't remember what), and she totally used it to transform herself into something she wasn't every adventure.

So there was that one time that Sailor Venus was an extremely hot boy [cut for image]Collapse )

As my wonderful roommate moonsheen pointed out, this clearly calls for fic where the inner senshi are talking about how the Stars are always guys in their civilian life and how does that work? And then Minako pipes in with, "What, you didn't know we could do that?" And then there is awkward conversations where Minako gleefully informs them that yes, she even has THAT.

(Alternatively, she helps some chick out by being her date for the night and then spends the next day complaining about how there were SO MANY HOT GUYS at the party and she couldn't even TALK to them because she was a BOY the whole time. Total bummer!)


Castiel - BAMFwalk
pretty much the nostalgia chick

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